Olive Tree Store

The Olive Tree Store is located at 67 Adrianou Street in Monastiraki, represents the Greek handmade creations and is based on the ancient symbol of peace and glory. THE OLIVE TREE.

Here you can find excellent wood carvings, created by our family and by other local artists.

Our collection includes a large variety of kitchen utensils that will make your cooking easy and fun (spoons, spatulas, cheese/cutting boards, mortal & pestles, salad bowls, salad servers, honey sticks, dishes, etc.).

Also, you will admire some very unique handmade decorative pieces, such as clocks, crosses, sailing boats made of pieces of wood over 500 years old, mirrors, picture frames, castle houses and jewellery boxes.

You will be impressed with the specially constructed olive wood backgammons and chesses.

For you and your loved ones you can find very beautiful gifts from our jewellery collection (bracelets, necklaces, earrings), made with olive wood and olive wood beads, ceramics, and semi-precious stones.

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